• CHAIN sits on the Ministry of Health Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation Research – technical working group (SMER-TWG)
  • Constructed a Children’s Centre ( work still in progress ) – 2015 (link pictures of the children centre)

  • Treatment literacy programme: Developed and launched the 1st Great Lakes Handbook : A Guide to Antiretroviral Therapy which was translated into English and French and disseminated in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda , Burundi and DRC 2005


  • Conducted a situational analysis in 2005 in the project area which revealed low levels of awareness on HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care issues which led to the setting up of the CHAIN community resource centre in 2006 to bridge the information gap.


  • Conducted a situation analysis for Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVC )service providers in Northern Uganda, 2005


  • Started the OVC programme with support from Uganda – US Orphans Support Programme(UOSP) now the Global Orphans Assistance Fund(GOAF), German friends and individuals in Uganda, 2006


  • Developed and launched in partnership with Commonwealth Foundation, an HIV and AIDS awareness poster to mark 25 years since HIV and AIDS, which was translated into English, luganda, French and Swahili, Portuguese and disseminated in 8 African countries 2006.


  • HIV and AIDS treatment literacy programme with uniformed forces through workshops for health care professionals in UPDF, Police and Prisons, aimed at increasing treatment literacy and reduction of stigma and discrimination among the most at risk population 2005-2007. (link workshop report)


  • Inter – Institutional collaboration HIV/AIDS Management among the uniformed force (UPDF, Police and Prisons), 2005-2007.


  • Developed in partnership with uniformed forces pocket size Great lakes Positive Handbook: A Guide to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) which was translated into English and Swahili and disseminated into GL countries-2007.


  • Lead organization for PAN African Commonwealth Network on HIV/AIDS-2007-2009.

The Pan Commonwealth Network on HIV/AIDS was set up by the Commonwealth Foundation in 2006. The Network aimed at bringing together key Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working with people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Commonwealth countries and to promote partnership building, effective programming, knowledge sharing, resource mobilisation, leadership and accountable governance in the fight against HIV/AIDS)


  • Organized a 3-day PAN African Commonwealth workshop on HIV/AIDS : Enhancing skills development and sharing of best practices to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS within Common wealth countries particularly in the Africa continent, at Speke Resort Munyonyo, April 2007. (link workshop report)


  • Common wealth Peoples forum-Organized in partnership with The Commonwealth Foundation and The Royal African Society : Innovative HIV/AIDS Prevention Education As A Tool For Social Transformation-2007.(Link Report )


  • CHAIN in partnership with The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) and Pediatric Infectious Disease Control (PIDC) offered HIV counseling and testing services and CHAIN is also a community drug distribution point (CDDP) under TASO for people living with HIV and AIDS, 2009-2015


  • CHAIN setup a Community Pre-school where children between the ages of 3-5 years got free education


  • Partnered with Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG), International Hospital Kampala (IHK) and Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) to step up efforts to prevent further HIV transmission and improve the quality of life of key populations at risk through early diagnosis and linkages to prevention, care and treatment services. This enabled us to reach over 30,000 people with services including, HCT, Hepatitis B screening, SRH and safe Male Circumcision.2012-2013


  • Innovative way to reach the community: Introduced the youth awareness through sports programme and formed CHAIN football academy- with over 80 youth to raise awareness on HIV/AIDs prevention , sexual reproductive health , medication safety, hygiene and sanitation e.g Hand washing, community cleaning etc. We reached over 30,000 in Kampala and Wakiso district- 2011-2015


  • Initiated a partnership with ICJA volunteer programme in Germany to facilitate exchange of experience and skills, intercultural understanding, equal opportunity, international cooperation and active involvement in society, 2011.


  • Implemented HIV –Maternal Newborn Child Health project to address challenges faced by HIV positive and pregnant mothers in Uganda with support from HIV Alliance and DFID -2011


  • Acquired land – 1.5acres in Kiwenda, Nabitalo parish, Busukuma Sub County, Wakiso district to establish a one stop community facility offering prevention, treatment and care services, OVC support services and health literacy training centre- 2011.


  • Brain child behind the formation of a network of patient organisations (Uganda Alliance of patients Organisation) from different diseases(cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell, mental health, hepatitis B, and epilepsy etc) to promote patient centred healthcare


  • Trained and established a network of 50 Community Safe Medicines Advocates (CSMA) in Kampala district, 2012.


  • Health literacy campaign ‘Strengthening Community Partnerships in the Promotion of Health Literacy in Uganda ‘, whose major aim was improving the health and welfare of the nation through increased health literacy levels, support by MSD, 2012. (link final report)


  • Developed a Health Literacy issue paper. The issue paper identified barriers, opportunities threats, best practices and proposes critical actions to improve on health literacy programmes in the Country, 2014 .


  • Constructed a Children’s Centre ( work still in progress ) – 2015 (link pictures of the children centre)



At the international fora CHAIN participated in:

  • Steering committee member on a WHO – based tropical disease research programme (TDR) focusing on emerging diseases: Implementation Research for the control of diseases of poverty; strengthening the evidence base for the access and delivery of new and improved tools, strategies and interventions.


  • Member of the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry working group on “Local Capacity Building” in the framework of the Platform “Access to Medicines in Developing Countries with a Focus on Africa” (which is part of the initiative “Process on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Field of Pharmaceuticals)


  • Attended the Men engage Africa symposium conference in Johannesburg, South Africa aimed at strengthening the capacity of civil society and government to work with men and boys on gender-based violence, 5th-9th October 2009


  • The World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva Switzerland and engaged ministers of health to promote patient centered healthcare, 2013.


  • Brussels Africa meeting organized by EU and pharma- EU-Africa Pharma B2B Forum on 16 September 2013 in Brussels; Public-Private Collaborations and the engagement of the actors.


  • WHO AFRO Committee meeting in Brazzaville; Participated in the Sixty-third session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa, Brazzaville, Congo 2–6, September 2013.


  • Participated as Governing Board Member of The International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO). 2006-2013


  • The 2nd International Health literacy Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, organized by the Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA) and presented an award winning poster at the conference, 2014.



At the national level, CHAIN participated in meetings and conferences to advocate for access to prevention, treatment and care services, maternal and child health, Non-communicable diseases (NCD) including:

  • Launch of HIV free children by 2016 at Serena Hotel by NACWOLA on 24th April 2013.
  • CSOs meeting on national Coordination and introduction of National score card for HIV & AIDS response project at Hotel Africana by UNASO, June 2013
  • Coalition to stop material mortality in Uganda meeting at Imperial Royale Hotel by CEHURD, World Vision and White Ribbon Alliance, Aug. 2013,
  • Sexual Reproductive Health meeting at Imperial Royale Hotel by UNASO and RHU, Dec. 2013,
  • Breakfast meeting on Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) at Hotel Africana by UNASO, Dec. 2013
  • Non-communicable diseases (NCD) conference organized by UWOCASO, Nov. 2013.

CHAIN sits on the Ministry of Health Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation Research – technical working group (SMER-TWG), 2014-2015